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BestScope BS-1010 Monocular Zoom Microscope

BestScope Monocular Zoom Microscope BS-1010 Introduction BS-1010 Series Monocular Zoom microscopes are precise optical system providing high resolution and  sharp stereoscopic images. BS~1010A and BS~1010B can be flexibly equipped with a microscope stand, they also can be integrated in a sem...

BestScope BS-1020D Digital Monocular Microscope

    Introduction BS-1020D digital monocular microscope adopts high-quality optical systems. With characteristics of high-resolution, wide field of view and high zoom ratio. Simple to operate, can realize electrical zoom and focus adjust (optional), as well as electrical converse of obs...

BestScope BS-1000 Series Monocular Zoom Microscope

    Introduction Monocular Zoom microscope is a precise optical system providing high resolution, sharp and strong stereoscopic images. 7X-45X zoom images can be observed by easily operation. It is very a very good microscope and can be used in semi-conductor and integrated circuit ins...

Total 3 Products Showing 1 - 3