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BestScope BLM-310 Digital LCD Stereo Microscope

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Product Description




BLM-310 Digital LCD stereo microscope has renovated the traditional way of microscopic observation and combined digital imaging and a high resolution LCD screen. This microscope makes the observation more comfortable and thoroughly resolves the fatigue caused by using a traditional microscope for a long time.


BLM-310 includes zoom optical microscope which has the zoom objective range of 0.7X~4.5X, camera system with CMOS sensor(1/2 inches, 1.3 mega-pixel) and high resolution 8 inches TFT-LCD screen(resolution:800×600). A cross line(7 colors optional) can be added on the image, separate screen comparing and freeze functions are available.


BLM-310 can be connected to a computer via USB 2.0 interface to save and print the images. BLM-310 also can be configured with different stands and illumination to meet different requirements.




1. The zoom objective range of optical part is 0.7X~4.5X.

2. High resolution LCD screen to reverting genuine photo.

3. With a 1.3MP built-in camera, 8 inches high resolution LCD screen, images can be easily view through the screen.

4. Can be connected to a PC via USB2.0 interface, images and videos can be stored in the PC.

5. Cross line, separate screen comparing and freeze functions are available.




BLM-310 LCD digital stereo microscope can be used to test and inspect product assembling in semi-conductor, SMT and micro circuit areas. It also can be used in quality controlling of industrial, product testing, education, science and research areas.





Digital Parts


1.3 Mega Pixel

Maximal Resolution


Sensor Size

1/2 Inches

LCD Screen

8 Inches TFT Screen, Resolution is 800 × 600

Data Output

USB2.0 & VGA

Menu Language

Chinese / English

Exposure Mode

Auto Exposure

Voltage Input

100V-240V 60HZ/50HZ


Built-in LED Illumination

Optical Parts

Objective Zoom Range


Zooming Ratio

1: 7


17.78×-124×(with 2× auxiliary objective, upto 248×)

Visual Field


Working Distance


Optional Part



Payment Terms︰ T/T In Advance

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